You’ve been Commissioned!

What to do if the person who broke your heart is still in your life?

God gives you few people in your life that you can vulnerably share your heart with and I think he does it on purpose. That means not every vulnerable thought that comes to mind must be shared with someone who has not been commissioned to protect it. You know very well who He has and has not trusted this power to for your behalf. (If not, continue reading.)

With that said, sometimes God is the ONLY one who has been commissioned to deal with your heart. Sometimes he is the only one who ought to know how much you cried about a situation. He sometimes is the only one who should receive a letter of heartbreak.

And guess what, those who have not stepped up to the plate? Those who have not offered closure? Those who have fallen short of your expectations? They simply do not get the blessing.

But we don’t curse them at this point. Instead, we deal with the cards we are given and bless those who have cursed us whether intentionally or not. We forgive. We learn to trust again. We remain strong in the armor and might that God has supplied us with. We don’t wish for karma. We wish for peace.

What to do if the person who broke your heart is still in your life?

Before you can deal with people that are still in your life like an ex-spouse you share children with or a person who you could cut ties with in theory but would not be helpful to do so because of affiliations, you have to find a way to deal with their new role in your life.

Start by remembering how valuable you are.

To serve you is to serve a child of God and that is a true honor. To cherish you, to hold you, to actively love you with effort, intention, affection and their attention is one of the most valuable thing a person can do for their own eternal journey. This is not arrogant. Jesus died on the cross for you.

God wants every single need that you have met. It is his intention and it’s why the Universe moves to carry you through this chaotic world. God designed intention that way and it is equally your benefit and honor to serve the children of God as well.

Once you have come to terms with how extremely valuable and precious you are, you will be able to see those who have hurt you with empathy and love. You will want to show them the way. Show them how to be strong. Show them how to be forgiving.

But we must circle back to trusting God with our heart and never giving anyone any more than what God has commissioned them to have from you.

Then, you can love that person and engage with them without offering your heart as a sacrifice over and over again. Christ already offered his body and his heart as a sacrifice at the cross. (Think of everyone who failed him.) Father, forgive them for they know not what they do!

So, protect your heart but don’t be so guarded that you shut others out. Take your complaints to God and pray for those who don’t receive the blessing that comes with delivering the love that you deserve because of the name of Jesus.


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