What is an Effective Minister?

Before I answer the question as to what an effective minister is, you have to understand what Christian faith looks like to an unbeliever and come to terms with why anything associated with Christianity turns them off.  An effective minister is one who can get past this problem by being the example that God wants us to be.

What’s the problem with Christianity?

I can sum it up in one spectrum.

On one side of the spectrum, traditional Christianity says that you have to do certain things to be acceptable to God after everything Christ did for you. Therefore, Christians place all their bets on good behavior and good works rather than focusing on the heart of love.

The other side of the spectrum knows they’re acceptable to God because of the price Jesus paid so they do whatever they want. They shamelessly pursue the desirable things that God says is not good for a child of God to do. They may even flat our deny their carnality by reminding you that God has judged them as righteous. Does this sound familiar to you?

You might also know this as traditional, authoritative vs new age, progressive religiosity

Who does not fall in this spectrum?

Those who allow themselves to be changed by the renewing of their mind are those who do not fall into this ineffective spectrum of faith. They desire to not live a sinful life because God finds that acceptable. They are the people that you can test and will maintain control over the situation in a way that typically will not cause offense (as in a stumbling block.)

They see through your tests and often conversate with you with patience and love. They walk with God’s wisdom so you will likely never see offensive political tweets or quarrelsome behavior. They are called, “effective ministers.”

The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.

What the Carnal Christian says about the Effective Minister

The Christian on the end of the spectrum who lacks obedience will say, “well good for them” but does not notice the correlation between a willfully sinless life and bearing spiritual fruit.

The works-oriented Christian on the former end will point to the effective minister’s behavior as the reason for bearing spiritual fruit without regard to the grace administration.

What does it mean to be carnal?

To be carnally minded is to live sinfully. Someone can be a Christian who lives sinfully which only serves as a headache to spiritually hungry people searching for truth. One side of the spectrum lives hypocritically and the other one lives worldly. They both lead to death.

From John 6:28-29

Q: “What must we do to do the works God requires?”
A: “The work of God is this: to believe in the one he has sent.” [Jesus]

Final Thought:

I truly believe that God will place people in your life to prove that He is real. I wanted to offer this one of many takes on what worldly Christianity looks like so that we can all take the next step on our spiritual journey—whatever that looks like for you.

To all of you wishing to fill a God-shaped hole in your heart, I want to encourage you to keep your head up if you are fed up with people. Focus only on the spiritual journey that is going to offer you exactly what you need and does not make any empty promises.

Ask God to bring the people in your life who are going to build you up and point you to Him.


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