Giving a voice back to the Church

The Church has been attacked since from what I know to be the time of Christ. The carnal flesh fights with the Holy Spirit and our free will to accept Jesus as our lord and savior is an ongoing battle. Whether we are getting born again or receiving a water baptism, we can agree that there is a true war within the Church.

Stop right there.

Notice I did not say that there were outside attacks. I am not here to talk about outside attacks or how one time an atheist got upset because you shared your faith.  Well, he didn’t actually get mad; he just made an unpleasant face. I am talking about the flesh that is kept alive between brothers and sisters in Christ.

It is important that the Church longs to discern these matters so that we can walk effectually in Christ. If we do not desire wisdom and we do not desire to discern God’s word, how are we going to ever reach others if we are living worldly?

I understand that was a mouthful so I will say it again. If you, an individual that is part of the Church, do not desire to discern between right and wrong within yourself and local ministry, and you do not desire to have the wisdom to communicate these matters, how will we ever be effectual in the ministry of reconciliation?

Here are some notes I learned from a teaching I listened to online by a Pennsylvania Bible Study Teaching Fellowship that helped me understand how to discern between right and wrong:

  • Judgment is useful for resolving a conflict
  • If you feel the need to have an opinion on what everyone is doing, it will lead to slander and evil speaking
  • Matthew 7:1’s “Judge not that you be judged” is sometimes wrongfully used to interpret that Jesus commands universal acceptance for everything
  • If you criticize everything about someone, people will do it back to you
  • Just because you get deemed wise, doesn’t mean you should get wise in your own eyes
  • Don’t tell people what to do. If God gives you info that’s one thing. But if there’s nothing there, there’s nothing there
  • Don’t present any customs along side Christ
  • We have to fight for the word of God; if we have opinions that don’t agree, you have to let it go
  • Matthew 18: 15 tells you how to judge:
    • Point out conflicting fault between you and the offender
    • If they don’t hear it, take one or two more believers, so that they can discern truth and every word may be established with witnesses
    • Tell the church if they don’t listen
    • If they’re still stubborn, let them go

I present this information about judgment in relation to discerning the Holy Scriptures. This is a follow-up post to my criticism of “The Secret” seductively making its way in place of the Bible. It is up to the Church to be vigilant and want to present God’s truth to the whole world as it really is. We can be as clever as we want to be in witnessing to people, but God does not need sneaky devices. All he needs is for us to hold on to the godly truth.


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