Poetry Corner: Staying in Community

Whatever happened to accountability?
I’m not pointing at you, but I’m pointing to me!
Why judge a situation and forget community?
Like you are where you are by your own ability.

Why take for granted the ones who laid out your path?
Through the works that they walked in,
God laid out your greener grass.

But God did not serve you so that you can stay served;
all that grace of finer living—you must discern.
Don’t burn your brothers and your sisters.
Their walk is His concern.

And if you enslave whom God calls free,
in exchange for milk and honey,
they will see His Kingdom
as far as He can see.

If you look at another struggle
and you wiggle in your words,
“Their trust in God is wrong.
My trust in God is right.
If not, I’d see them walking
in a peachier light.” 

Life is not all peachy nor is it preachy,
but we do beseech ye,
to walk our walks right.

If you’re tempted to steal
what does not belong, or
if you’re inheriting from the perishing,
don’t be surprised when you have to share.


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