Undramatic Love

Dear Believers,

There are times in life where you will have to expand the love in your heart. Our default levels of love are set to match our comfort level. Christianity and religion hold no weight in inspiring this world to act on love. The Samaritan who loves outside his comfort zone is the one we ultimately respect (Lk 10:25-37).

Expanding Your Heart

Your capacity to love is not in question. The world questions your desire to expand your will to love. One prayer that never gets unanswered is when we ask God to make room in our heart to love one more person. But have we asked the question? Are our hearts tuned into the Comforter or comfort (Jn 14:26)?

Listen and Respond

Anyone who is a believer has access to the Holy Spirit. Are we listening? I cannot believe that in that infamous United airline flight that there was not one person on that flight who did not hear the Holy Spirit say, “An elder is in distress. There is a temptation for chaos on this plane. Take the $800 voucher.” Really, a believer would not have needed to even foresee all that was going to transpire. He or she would only need to have the confidence to know that God asked him or her to give up the seat and that’s why they are late coming home. I truly believe that God was on that flight telling someone to be bold enough to get off of that plane.

I have a friend who had a not-so-interesting story. She was all set to go to a concert and at the last minute, she felt a calling deep within to not attend. She did not attend. She will never know why she felt called that night to not attend. She doesn’t have a story of some event that blew up according to the adversary’s will. All she has is a pleasantly unfinished story. God said not to go; she stayed home.

Responding Leads to Walking in Love

Often times, when we are tuned into the Holy Spirit, the only kind of story we have is that we decided to act on the undramatic. We decided to love someone who needed it and God made us available to give it. We didn’t get to see how our actions led them from darkness into light. We didn’t see someone get into a brutal fight with an authority figure. We don’t know what is in a person’s heart or what their temptations are. The bigger story is that when we are listening to God, we are walking in love.


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