Poetry Corner: I Stay Blessed

Take me to the grave with you.
Do not string me along.
The last few strings pulled on me,
I broke the chords.
And the whisper I chased
Breathed heavily,
Upon my chest.
And my heart,
Well it broke suddenly,
But I stay blessed.

And my heart froze in time,
But your promise it kept me warm,
I was once a little loner and now
I’m Nevermore.
Ever wander why there’s such a big hole,
In that string guitar?
To echo the lonely minds of those
Who die alone.

Have you ever had a pick fall in while playing guitar?
Those lonely souls wish to be shaken.
Say no more.
And you strum those empty promises.
Well, you’ve been warned.

I light a little fire where your breath once was,
Singing empty harmonies just because.
The trust I once had for you,
Well there’s no more.
And the secret chord that David played,
I’ve played before.

You had no idea.
You were too busy looking forward,
not toward me but toward your reflection,
the one you hoard.

You kept me empty but I stayed blessed.
You strung me along and I broke the chord.
Crept your reflection I broke the glass.
And now I’m open for
someone more
lonlier than me.
Because, honestly,
I stay blessed.

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