RenewThisMind Says Thank You!

What to Expect from RenewThisMind for 2017

I did a series of survey polls on Twitter and since I don’t actually follow anyone nor do I reach out to anyone on there, I was happy to add up 49 responses.

I now have a busier schedule than before, but I still wanted to reach out to RenewThisMind subscribers to say that I am very thankful for each like, new follow, shares and comments received. I appreciate being able to spread the gospel online. I try to tailor everything I write to the cognitive processes of today’s digitally wired readers. And I hope I have delivered useful content.

What to Expect for March 2017: 
One particular result puzzled me. Likely from trolls. I asked Twitter followers if they agreed that they are one with their community. Here’s how I worded it:


Three solid disagreements. I probably would disagree with this too if I didn’t know I was talking about spiritual things. Therefore, expect some blogs to come up in regards to how we fit being a part of the body of Christ and ways to stay engaged.

In the U.S., we already have a good feel for our individuality. I need my independence and would not trade my liberty for anything. I hope to cover the importance of staying in community with the different parts of God’s Church and just how dynamic it looks like. It might appear to look or feel like:

  • A Political Statement
  • Works-Based Charity
  • Enabling Bad Behavior

But love may not be so easily written off as such!

What to Expect for 2017:
I think I have spent a couple years sharing on the importance of love and the Spirit of God. This year’s focus will be on focusing on the importance of worshipping God in truth. Let me know if there is anything you want to be covered this year!


2 thoughts on “RenewThisMind Says Thank You!

  1. This post, like your other posts, always make me think! I’m reminded of something else that I read recently about how too often believers in the U.S. look at spiritual things individually where that’s not exactly the New Testament perspective where community was so vital to building and maintaining faith. Other cultures, I believe, still maintain the community aspects of their faith. Will be looking forward to what you share concerning staying in community!

    1. Can I superlike your comment? I always wonder why it’s so hard for society to come to the conclusion that we can celebrate our identity in full. Protect the individual liberties that are given to us (in the U.S.) and still live with community in mind. Neither is a threat the other. Thanks for your words of encouragement.

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