The Source of Aggression

The Meaning of – “I Am Your Mouth

On my previous analysis, a fellow WordPress blogger commented, “Proverbs 15:1.” A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.

When you write about Godly matters, scripture should always verify your message so I was thankful to have received that one confirmation. His comment was a great lead into this post where I hope to encourage people to confirm the source of their thoughts.

Aggression is a response used to defend the expressed feelings of emotional reactivity/apathy. If your first thoughts on a situation are expressed out loud and your opinion is challenged, the carnal brain may use aggression as a defense mechanism.

Difference Between Being Aggressive & Assertive
Aggressive personalities tend to say the first thing that is on their mind in an authoritarian fashion. Assertive people carefully speak what is on their mind in an authoritative manner.

Difference Between Being an Authoritarian & Authoritative
An authoritarian accepts only complete obedience without regard to individual liberty. An authoritative opinion simply means that there is an authority tone in their speech, like Jesus in the gospels.

  • An Assertive Authoritative level of communication produces respect and silences critics.
  • An Aggressive Authoritarian level of communication will have various consequences: fear, anger, withdrawal, hysteria and disrespect.

No Room to Grow
Psychological research states that the frontal lobe is not fully developed in humans until 25 years of age. Mature brains function at the prefrontal cortex responding with good judgment whereas the carnal mind functions at the amygdala level, involved with fear and aggression. If we act upon the first thing that comes into our mind, we are working in the carnal parts of our brain, like that of teenagers.

When we are constantly taking an aggressive stance, our thought patterns are immediately exposed as coming from the same source—the amygdala. Humans inherently sense this and often want opinions verified by different sources before it is respected.

Using God-Given Tools
A healthy challenge from a critic will stand the tests of two or three witnesses and will hopefully be welcomed beforehand.

I would like to see the Body of Christ verify the things that come out of their mouths with more than the source of aggression. I’d like to see us working in the world with these sources: love, empathy, compassion, assertiveness, logic and reasoning.

If you’re enjoying these poetry interpretations, let me know in the comments below if I should produce some more.  


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