Love is Free From Knowledge

The other day, I was having dinner with a couple of friends and one of them looked at me with a dead face when I said, “Sometimes people do things without expecting anything in return.”

Nine years ago, I was at a big warehouse Halloween party and two people tried to help me as I got lost from my sisters. My eldest sister was surprised when she saw that people helped me just to help me.

A few years ago I got myself in a situation where I needed to leave a car and walked to the nearest gas station. The clerk’s best friend walked in. His name was Sam. Sam took me home. I had nothing to give and he wanted nothing from me.

Friends, these are examples of what I call, “Greater than Karma” because it was God’s grace at work. By the way, I was Agnostic and had nothing to give to God.

No, these good samaritans were likely not “Christians.” They were just people with love in them. Love is always free. Jesus Christ proved that at the cross.

If you think about it, all that being a Christian really means is to have both love and God’s knowledge.

So then why not skip the Bible crap and just love?

3 reasons – Abstract, Biblical and Powerful:

  • Love is like the waters of a river that continually flow and the banks are the truth of God’s knowledge, that give love the structure to function in a way that pleases God.
  • Hosea 4:6 says, my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge . . . Because you have rejected knowledge . . .”
  • Power. Who would not want to explore their full range of freedom that is found in Holy Spirit?

So my dear friends, look at the world. There is love everywhere and it manifests itself in any way it sees fit. I have benefitted from it. Love is free from knowledge,  but knowledge is not free from love. Because if knowledge contains no love, it is like a bank without water. It is not from God.


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