I Don’t Make Those Rules

Yesterday night, I was at a family restaurant with a friend watching the football game. When we finished dinner, we did not want to go home yet so we decided to give up the table, sit at the bar and hang out some more.

Later in the night, these young, testosterone-filled men came and sat next to us. They tried to make conversation and I was annoyed at how forward they were with cramping my space. I must have moved my bar stool three times while still being bumped into with their drunken stagger: butt on my shoulders and all.

My friend and I moved over a seat and continued chatting away. Look, I am a classy lady now. (Just read Flattery Is Battery.) So, I don’t feel the need to talk to anybody whose company I don’t enjoy.

There was a moment when I was about to make a rule: I don’t talk to drunk men. And I immediately told myself, No! I don’t need to create rules. If God says to talk to someone who is drunk, he very well could be offering me an opportunity to minister to that person.

Though a good chunk of the time, if it is later toward the night and a guy enters a bar already drunk and is bumping into women that he sees are alone, I can safely conclude that I am unequally yoked with that person’s interests.

As a woman with God’s spirit, not just as a classy woman, it was best not to talk to them.

So then, ew! Why Not Make that Rule?

I have a male brother in Christ that I hang out with every so often in group settings who has a reputation for always being drunk. I genuinely enjoy his company and fellowship despite his drunkenness. He has a brotherly attitude toward me. God seems well pleased with our relationship because it allows me the opportunity to show His love to him and to pray that the spirit of alcoholism leaves him alone.

Galatians 5:16 (NIV)
So I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh.

By having a relationship with God, I never have to make rules. It is the Superego carnal part of my personality telling me to hide behind my rules. Ask God to interpret the situation.

Don’t Get Me Wrong

When it comes to ministering:

  • If you don’t feel called, don’t answer!
  • If you are scared, worried, anxious, then you will reap what anxiety sows. And it will not be profitable.
  • Trust your gut.

But, if there are any readers out there who feel constrained by your own rules, ask God to help you profitably break those rules. Do you have a story of when you broke your own norms to show God’s love to somebody? Comment below!


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