3 Traits That Prove You Can Talk Politics

If you are observing these 3 things, you will know that you are mature enough to handle discussing politics with your loved ones.

The last thing a firmly convicted person wants to do is compromise their values for the feelings of another person. Though we know that the whole core of Christianity is based on the premise of love, how do we reconcile firm conviction with loving the easily offended?

Romans 14 demonstrates how to show love for believers that do things differently than you. While it is premised around food and drink, it’s meaning goes in so much deeper than that. Here are 3 key points extrapolated from Romans 14 that the Holy Spirit teaches us on how to guide our conversations with other believers, especially in this election season:

  1. You accept those weak in faith, without quarreling over disputable matters 
  2. You don’t let what you know is good be spoken of as if it were evil 
  3. Whatever you believe about politics, you keep between yourself and God

Politics is a disputable matter. That is why we have Republican and Democratic Christians. If what you say does not produce peace and joy in the conversation, then what you say can be misconstrued as evil instead of righteous. If you speak on politics with showing the love of God at the forefront of your mind, it will be very hard for someone to say that you are wrong.

Key 3 is Not About Censorship

If you pray about something political and God honors that prayer, awesome! But, saying, “I told you so” will only become a stumbling block for other believers who differ in political views.

If you can express your political opinion without hurting another believer, please exercise your freedom of speech and do it. My exhortation is that we all move forward in harmony of truth and love, conviction and empathy.

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