Dear Christian Conservatives: Don’t Gloat

The God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ is a just God and is no respecter of persons.

His will is that all men be saved and come to the truth of His knowledge. If you think He will not hear the cries of the poor in Spirit, or the liberal left, or women who have felt oppressed, or our Muslim half-brothers through Father Abraham, you are in for an awakening.

What Do Conservative Values Mean to a Traditional Christian?

Generally speaking, it means that fewer taxes provide more opportunity for entrepreneurs to follow their dreams and live out Prosperity.
It is a means to give Glory to God by aligning laws according to what Conservative Christians think God finds as an acceptable standard.

To those that felt the spirit of lawlessness for the last eight years with Barack Obama, my question to you is this: How do you know that was not God’s way of disciplining you? Do you want Trump to back out at the last minute and let someone more liberal than Obama replace him so God can teach you a lesson on how to be humble?

Not everyone that belongs to God is a Conservative and God is not a God of Traditional Christians, but He is God over all. We have to accept the fact that a man must take responsibility for what comes out of his mouth because many women, Muslims, minorities, people he’s done business with in the past have been hurt by Donald Trump’s statements.

Take this as an opportunity to be kind to others and love one another rather than attack those politically different than you. Even Donald Trump in his acceptance speech showed a true heart of humbleness by asking for the advice of those who politically differ from him to make us work together for the bettering of the nation.

Take heed to this warning: Be humble or else you may feel the chastening of God.

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