Greater Than Karma

Yesterday my friend gave me a link to watch Joyce Meyer and said that she was really encouraged by it. Awesome. I checked it out too. I then stopped it because I realized that the words she shared were scripture used to explain the idea of Karma; a popular topic that we can all relate to.

This isn’t a harp on my friend because I’m sure she saw something in the video that I did not see that blessed her. I too have been helped by Joyce and other mega pastors this way.

God is outside the scope of Karma. Karma is great and Karma is spiritual, but it does not complete the full revelation of God’s heart. Forgiveness is stronger than Karma. So are grace and mercy. Be careful with mega pastors who preach awesome things about the benefits of Karma and how it makes you successful. There is more to God than Karma.

You have to search the scriptures. Sometimes scripture can’t be preached in the 20-45 minute window frame of a Lakewood service. Sometimes it can. I think megachurches can be cool and fun and encouraging, but God enjoys that personal relationship I’m sure as much as he enjoys mega-praise.

Be careful to watch if you get hooked on to a particular pastor, church format or teachings online. You’re spiritually thirsty and the pastor may not be intentionally trying to hook you to trust him instead of Him, but it does happen. It doesn’t make them a bad person.

You yourself likely feel good when you know you’re charming, and to continue that high you may continue to charm. Then before you know it, you leave the realm of service onto the realm of entertainment. 

And not to be complex, but entertainment can be service. Think Ellen Degeneres. But we ought to recall the first revelation that God gave us as to how we serve.

If I ask God right now, He tells me that I am no comedian. My job in life is not to entertain but to inform; leave it up to Him to make me interesting. 

Same with pastors. They are people. They make mistakes and will dazzle you. But I believe scriptures will verify that a pastor’s job is to serve. And sometimes that means entertainment, but more so it means to shepherd the Church and build you up with the Word of God.

If you were looking for a slander against mega pastors and mega churches, you will not find it here. I’m not a hater. If you can make big money and introduce Christ to a huge audience, then that’s awesome. My job is not to slander but to simply tell you to walk with wisdom before you walk through mega doors.

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6 thoughts on “Greater Than Karma

    1. Right. No contention. Correct me if I’m wrong, but God himself says he is not mocked in Galatians 6:7-10. He is saying he knows what it is you’re actually sowing into and you’ll be fed accordingly. If you try to benefit the flesh, then that leads to destruction. If you try to please the Spirit, then you reap from the Spirit eternal life. Karma materializes but it cannot promise eternal life.

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