Poetry Corner: Pain Romanticized – Bipolar Edition

Why do some romanticize their sadness as to alleviate their heart?
All in all, all that it does is push bruises down hard.
Why not change the song and change the tune of your story?
Do you think somehow you’ll vortex to the other end?

Why do some reorganize their feelings just to peel them all apart?
All in all, all that it does is make Pain fight Progress.
Why do you feel that in order to heal you must conceal your darkened heart?
All that you do is push the few that love you very very far.

And if you want a happy ending, well there’s no wormhole to the other side.
And yes it’s true, a few moments of pain can hoist you up when you’re anchored down.
And yes it’s true in our dark hours we see God when there’s no one around.
Though if you find yourself living in between, know that progress is not mediocrity.

And if you overhaul the walls that splash red ink when you’re ready to run;
you don’t have to paint dull colors and ruin all your fun.
Just sit down, throw back a few, and see that it has all been done.
Now the peace of you depends on Whom has always held your heart.

And if your mind lies to you every now and then,
have a seat before you think of running off again.
Why not romanticize just the victory of the Promise and the Hope?
And why fantasize the final prize exists somewhere in the dark?

Sit down with me and maybe you will see,
the presence of Pleasure is good company.
Sit down with me and you will see,
there’s nothing those neurotransmitters have over a cup of tea.

Sit down with me and you will see,
you don’t have to run low just to run high.
You don’t have to testify against morality.
You don’t have to justify your dying body.
You don’t have to jump in that lake,
just to wake the presence of life inside your brain.

We’re living a slow death, oh yes,
I’ll confess, but we’re living a good life.
Just sit back and enjoy the ride,
without riding the tide, against do-or-die.

Just be.

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