Taking Charge of Your Emotions

No matter if you are a writer with a message or you just have something to share, there comes a point in your avenue where you begin to process your emotions. In this process is where you began to bury your feelings in your message.

To heck with anyone who dismisses your heart by saying things like, “well you have a choice in your feelings.” If you did not partake in the patient work of processing those feelings, you do not get to give advice. I’d rather you say you’re emotionally unavailable than to dismiss the power of my feelings.

Though I must say that I did get to a place where I was writing in my memo pad and I got to choose how to fill in the blank, My Heart is Filled With. And no that previous blog that I wrote did not start off with the word “joy.” The original sentence actually said, “My heart is filled with pain by the realities of this flesh-made life.”

I felt fully victorious writing “My Heart is Filled with” post because peace did not manifest in me until I simply started writing God’s truth in the painful situations that I contemplated on while writing. So when I wrote, “My Heart is Filled With,” a voice came in and said that I could write about “pain” or “joy.” I chose both starting off with “pain.” I then stopped being inspired to write about pain and explored this other idea to write about joy. And I reminded myself of God’s truths. No one has the power to tear you down except God who lifts you up instead.

Now it’s your turn to give it a try. Fill in the blank. “My Heart is Filled with ____.”

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