My heart is filled with…


God makes us new again and everything that is good is a reflection of His goodness and mercy. I cannot depend on people or things to give me what I want. The Lord is my sufficiency and He will provide. He’ll turn my sorrow into joy and my mourning into gladness.

My sadness will not overwhelm me for lost friendships and loved ones. For any attachment to the flesh, a burial has already been made at the Cross. My attachment to how someone made my heart smile, brought excitement into my world…my dependency toward these people is dead. Their flesh can do nothing for the Spirit that is in me. It can only commune in dead conversation with my dead flesh.

So to the unique beautiful souls that brought joy to my life, a true test to where my heart is dwelling is this: Do I look at you as a reflection of God’s goodness or do I look to you as if you are the good one? If I see your affection as God’s reflection and you are gone from my life, I certainly don’t want to replace you. But I must not attach myself to your flesh and go to the grave with you.

A friendship that is founded in love is founded in Christ, and the unique qualities of this relationship is given from God at His discretion. So to the one who was once good to me and no longer good to me, I thank God for manifesting Himself through you and understand if His love can no longer manifest energy toward me through you. The end.

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