The Antidote for “Weeds” is Love

As promised, this post is a continuation of Weeds. Previously I discussed the torment of having a negative mind. Pulling weeds is simply not enough to protect ourselves from toxicity. But love is…

True love can kill the roots of weeds and help you on your path toward building healthy relationships.

Once you have surrendered to that love in your heart, you will no longer struggle with dealing with toxic thoughts. Love is the only human connection that has this ability to pull the roots of bitterness out from you.

When love takes root in your heart, nobody can pull the roots out of love because God is love (Eph 3:17.) God is full of mercy and forgiveness, which work as pesticides to bitterness and anger.

Negativity, no longer how long it has poisoned your life, has a beginning and it has an ending because it is grounded in our carnal nature. Love is the antidote for mental toxicity. While you may have lost a good chunk of your life being negative, love truly is a heavenly experience of timelessness dwelling in our own bodies that we can experience right now. We don’t have to wait for Christ to come back to exude love.

As you allow the love of God to encompass your heart, you become more cognizant of the timelessness that is present in your body. Then you start to really get that aha! moment: it’s God, in Christ, in you.

Like this post? Check out The Foundation of Service is Love where Jessica, my good friend and now ex-roommate, digs deeper into how you can exude God’s love.


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