The Authority of Love – Transkids Edition

 Writer’s Comment: Note that I did not label this post, ‘The Love of Authority.”  This was written in April 2013.  I found this piece while cleaning out my computer.  It was never published until now.

One of the most problematic occurrence in society today comes when professionals—ones in the medical science field, psychiatrists, psychologists—replace what God’s perfect will is for us to live abundantly and in union with Him. However another pervasive problem is our solutions when issues occur out of our comfort zone—the “underdog” mental illnesses, transgendered issues—are dealt with by being ignored and rejected.

The Difference between Permissive vs. Authoritarian Parents

Permissive parents reject the idea that they are God to their children and authoritarian parents reject the idea that they may not be God to their children in all situations.

Children on Psychiatric Medicine

I just read a story of one child whose parents placed him on 17 different psychiatric medicines at a very young age by recommendations of her doctors and along with that, the parents were given the diagnosis of  gender identity disorder.  Once she allowed her child to become female, she no longer had to have him on these medications. Her now nine-year-old daughter was in a hurry to start on hormones and get reassignment surgery. However, one day her mother asked her how she felt and tells her mom, “Maybe I’m a boy on the inside.”

When she asked her mom what she thought, the mother replied, “What do you think? You have to make that decision.” She was a very kind mother, one who said she would love her if she decided to be a boy or girl.

The child replied, “If you want me to be a boy, I would listen to you.  You’re the mom.  I’m supposed to listen to your decisions.”

The mother responded, “You are supposed to listen to me in terms of what to eat and school but this is about how you feel on the inside.” Her concern was that children diagnosed with GID have a high suicide rate and she’d rather have a transgendered daughter than a dead son. So what shall we make of this?

Well let’s review this for a moment: I’ve been asked to place my child on 17 different medicines; my child has asked me for guidance on how to handle his/her gender identity issue. What kind of professional delineates from God’s perfect will to the point of recommending that many prescriptions?

God made things so simple. Life was not meant to be complicated. And when a child asks for your opinion, that is a beautiful opportunity to talk about this simplicity with that question.

Authoritative Parenting

When men and women have children, God has placed loving authority in them. And if a child asks a question that we do not know the answer to, we go to God in the matter. I believe that if we went to God with all the troubles we have in society, more importantly than it leading us back to the written Word of God, is that people would be very surprised at just how loving our heavenly father is.

He would give permissive people authority, and he would tear down an authoritarian’s ways changing his heart to have more compassion. God is good, God is light, and his way is so simple yet he understands our complexities.

Complexity is derived from a mixture of simplicities. And if we give our tangled knots to God, our entire complexities, he shows us which cares to keep, which cares to throw away, and best of all which cares to untangle for further use, that is, to unveil the truth behind our basic human needs.

Sometimes we need people to ask us how we feel, sometimes we need to recognize that people and children are not their own thoughts, and sometimes we just need to get to the core of a situation so we can know what our needs are.

Needs are never wrong, needs are never bad. There may be desires and complicated strings attached to our needs but the need itself is never wrong. And once we get that through our heads to focus on our needs, the rest is history.

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5 thoughts on “The Authority of Love – Transkids Edition

  1. Great point of view. We have the opportunity as parents to help our child know who he/she is. And as beleivers- to know who he/she is in Christ. I will never understand how someone could let a doctor put their children on so many medications, especially the ones that are so prevalent nowadays–they are likened to Ecstacy, Heroin, Opium, etc. Then we wonder why there are so many mental illnesses these days…..HMMM……I wonder why….

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