Poetry Corner: The man who Plays Dress Up

What goes on in the mind of the man who plays dress up,

whose satin dress and stockings and panties lay in the back of the closet?
Where does he go when she’s out with her friends?
Does he return when she washes her face in the faucet?

Does he sleep with the spirit that asks to abide
after every other man has told her to hide?
Does she sing him a song to sleep just to wake in his dreams,
the essence of beauty all men would partake?

Is that when he awakes
and he sees the struggle is real,
of a woman who’s tired of being concealed?
Why does he protect her like no other would,
to give up his body and perhaps his manhood?

At what point does she have authority over him?
Perhaps when he takes her out for a stroll and
he no longer sees himself as a whole.

Because she is real to him both in day and in dreams,
and all he wants to do is play dress up it seems.
Who is more misunderstood by men as a whole?
Him or She?

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“3D Man House Red Home Energies Save Estate” image courtesy of renjith krishnan at FreeDigitalPhotos.net.


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