Poetry Corner: To know a Tree

You know a tree by its fruit.
You don’t have to check its roots.
You know you’re free to identify with whatever holds true.
You are free from seductive doctrines, and condemnation free as well.
Keep your heart in God’s hands; in there should you dwell.

Our words and our minds can be a fountain of hot springs,
against the will of the father, devastation it brings.
He gives us the word of life; this world gives us the word of lies,
and just a touch of temptation, our identity ties its feeling inside,
springing forth spiritual bribes.

And we speak with a slur;
we see with a blur,
in hopes that we cling to this mix we prefer.

But don’t look to the left, where condemnation sets in;
don’t look to the right where temptation falls in,
but put down your sayings, your spiritual rhymes,
your nationalisms, synonymous with pride.

And put on God’s armor that sets us apart,
so we can know a tree by its fruit,
and get washed with the water,
and put down those things that distract us from the Father.

There is no word we can speak in the flesh,
no one-size-fits-all scripture that with God we can mesh
than the one that has been presented about Jesus Christ,
neither concerned with our teachings rather the newness of life.

And as a living epistle, we see what fruit words have brought,
and see where Christ was sought,
but not just in vain but also in truth.
When it comes to worldly matters,
he’s proved what he’s proved.

Take a look at your trees; open your eyes;
if you see its fruit,
you will discern its roots.

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*Photos courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net: “Ripening Grape Clusters on the Vine” by Satit_srihin


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