Poetry Corner: Seducing Spirit

Candle, candle lit. So bright.

Incense trails lead me there.

It’s soothing sways from side to side,

Say, “Hither, hither if you dare.

Breathe my fragrance as I dance.”

Take me, take me, take me there.

What’s your substance in this trance?

“I am vanilla, lavender—

Simmer, Simmer, simmering,

Whatever fragrance you prefer.”

Wither, wither, withering,

I trace your warmth down to your wick.

Slither, slither, slithering—

Lucifer! The fire you claim is no longer lit.

Like this poem? Read The man who Plays Dress Up where I rhyme about wanting the body of Christ to connect with transgendered individuals, specifically MTF. 

Photo courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net from user: ‘Marcus74id’


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