Fighting for Children

“No one lights a lamp and hides it under a bowl.” Luke 8:16

It does not say, “No one lights a lamp and dims the light.” It is simply not possible. The light that God has gifted us with does not have a low setting. It is impossible for God to give us anything that is mediocre in nature because that is not His nature. We can only be fooled into believing that our lights are dimmed, that our prayers have only a small impact:

Kids are going through so much these days in a world that gets darker and darker. I personally recall how terror and anxiety never back down once terror and anxiety attacks. Adversity does not ever say, “Let me give you a break.”

“This world is going to Hell in a hand basket”

–as the older generation folk would say: That saying is the revealing nature of Lucifer’s offense unto God. It is the exact opposing force of what scriptures say about those who believe:

“That in the ages to come he might shew the exceeding riches of his grace in his kindness toward us through Christ Jesus”

The world gets darker; God’s kindness shows brighter.

We ought to make intercession for children in prayer, against all the attacks, whether they are the bully or being bullied. When you mess with children, you mess with the godliest anger a human adult can experience. When the devil messes with the lights in the world, it being opposite of our nature, thanks to Jesus, has no choice but to cower and run.

The worst the devil can do is to try to numb us as adults from the pain that children go through so that we set aside our Ephesians armor and not fight for them in prayer. Let us not forget that godly anger is there for a reason, to attack the source, not the flesh and blood. We ought to think about these things when we hear again of another child being harmed, from the seemingly least dangerous attacks of developmentally-molding insults to the most dangerous attacks of mental terror and physical danger.

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