I wrote this almost two years ago and completely forgot about it. I didn’t remember writing it at first as it was so long ago but I think it is worth posting. It is about accepting authority while claiming our rights in a corporate setting:

“You wouldn’t have any authority over me if it hadn’t been given to you from above. That’s why the man who handed me over to you is guilty of a greater sin.” John 19:11

This blog begins with faith. It begins with the inspiration from God to minister to those who read these words. These words are not my own, but merely an expression of the Holy Spirit that lives in me. Though in the five senses, my words are restricted to the disorder of my thoughts, the noises around me, and the social networks that are a click away. No, instead I’d like to speak about a God of order in a world that imperfectly implements it.

Let’s take the Western world as an example of the concept of order. At stop signs, we stop. We could have chosen infrastructure that rules if we are at an intersection, we yield at all times. We could say that blue cars yield to red cars that yield to yellow cars instead of judging who got to the intersection first. In other words, it is not the law itself that we are bound to so that we may prevent disorder. We are bound to God’s protection that he gives us through order.

For that reason, he tells us that slaves must obey their masters and bounds us to obedience even in the absence of them.

We could have a bartering system where we go to the market and trade linens and cloths or fruits or fragrance in exchange for gems, precious stones, or meats. Instead we have grocery stores, clothing stores, and shops. We have cashier stations to exchange for cash and we have cashiers who generate receipts and tend to our needs. And those cashiers have bosses who manage them and look out for the well-being of the store. For the purpose of this order, God has given bosses authority over them.

Bosses may have an unchecked ego that ensures in the five senses world that they are always right in all matters. They may hire and fire as they please; they may spread rumors about their employees and instead of ministering a peaceful environment, they may throw darts and micromanage, tell their employees every single thing they are doing wrong.

As a result, a subordinate who is tricked into feeling unworthy by the five senses may want to sink into their office seats. Their immune system may malfunction due to their stress and the stress leads to fevers, digestive problems, and other things that are inspired by 40-hour jobs. Reality Check: This is not the authority that is given to an employer from above! They do not have the authority to crucify you because Jesus Christ already paid for sin.

Your mind and body belong to God and therefore your spirits should never crush when you error; your mind should never feel anxious over work, and your body should never malfunction because of poisons that an authority figure has given to you.

You are absolutely worthy. You are absolutely valuable. Anyone that interferes with this is going beyond the scope of what authority has been given to them by God.

When Jesus taught in the synagogues, he taught with authority. When a man controlled by an evil spirit entered the synagogues, not only did he cower away from Jesus’ authority but the spirit had to obey every command. He silenced the devil spirit and kicked him out of the man.

The evil spirit recognized who he was as it said, “What do you want with us, Jesus from Nazareth? Have you come to destroy us? I know who you are—the Holy One of God”

Jesus ordered the spirit, “Keep quiet, and come out of him!” Mark 1:25

The devil spirits recognize light (that’s us) and will take absolute advantage if these lights do not know the authority that they have. Jesus said we can do the works he did and greater because he goes to the Father (Jn 14:12). If you do not recognize this power that was given to you by being born-again, the devil spirits are sure as heck not going to tell you about it.

Instead, they will go into people who have worldly authority over you and speak things that will tear you down, tell you that you will not be successful and always be stuck in the corporate world or the retail world in work settings that do not bless you. They will pick at you, try to activate your own ego so that there is quarreling among you and them.

Note: Employers have authority over you in this way — they give you a job, they make sure you do it, they counsel you when you are wrong, they build you up so that you can continue to build up their business so that order remains. Any words they spew at you, (you have the Spirit so you know what is from God and what is not from God), any words that make you want to quarrel, are not from God and it is in your authority to silence the demon from the employer. It is simply true. No, you cannot silence the person itself as they are merely possessed.

We are not battling against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against wickedness in high places (Ep 6:12).

Shutting Up the Devil

When it came to casting out demons, it was a theme that Jesus would cast them out and not allow them to speak. The Bible speaks a lot about how much damage our tongues can do so it’s no wonder he would silence the spirits working in people. You should never let people get to you to the point that you go home feeling tired, stressed out, and waiting for the next drink to pour. Instead, you ought to come home thankful to God that he has provided a way for you to get everything we need, that you were privileged with the ability to immerse yourself into your work as if you were doing it for God. You are simply blessed to shine as a light in an imperfect world. You are worthy and the world needs you in those 40 hours of whatever it is you are doing for the moment.

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2 thoughts on “Authority

  1. Very good! I like it! That’s what I’m talkn bout! Work is there simply to give us means to live, no matter what it is. We can’t take it to seriously so that we lose our lives and minds over some stressful job or crappy boss lol. Preach it sista!

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