Poetry Corner: Knowing You

What’s on your mind, not the things confined,
to a spiritual bind, that are said to leave you blind?
What does it matter, those things that make you sadder,
if they’re hidden in a box, deep outside your thoughts?
If they are a subconscious surface unstable in its ways
and the fruit it produces towards your confession it betrays,
why let it exit through the mouth, through the mind,
leaving a pesticidal stench behind?
If you say it doesn’t matter but deep inside it matters,
don’t soil your thoughts trying to clean out those spots.
Instead, your declaration will be your cleaning station,
leaving your past behind as you renew your mind.

Like this poem? Check out, Christ in Leaders to learn why avoiding gossip will raise your awareness.


6 thoughts on “Poetry Corner: Knowing You

    1. Thank you J. Yes I will continue to do so. My prose will always be to discern between the first man nature psychology and our second birth psychology. Psychology, as it is now, can only describe the first man nature and therefore only brings us closer to our fleshly identify. But with God and Jesus Christ as the foundation, (not philosophy, not even theology) we obtain a new mind, a new psychology–one that aligns with God’s promises for us.

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