Living Epistle

The Bible tells us to be a living epistle. I love this verse so much because I used to get so bogged down at knowing where to go in the Bible to reference words of wisdom. God is always active and alive speaking to us through words that are applicable to whatever is current in our lives, in our generation, and in our situations.

It’s amazing to me the things that God puts on my heart to say, and a weight has been lifted off my shoulders when I realize that I do not have to find a Bible reference for every exchange of conversation I have. That would not be a living epistle.

Characteristics of a Living Epistle

We show it in the way we conduct our lives among others, manifesting the things of the heart, the fruits of the Spirit as evidence of God’s marking on us. When God places his spiritual stamp on us, we are no longer wandering about, clinging to different man-made philosophy, limited to worldly resources. Instead, we are warriors anchored carefully in our truly unique character giving no man the satisfaction of a worldly label. I am a believer more than a Christian. “Christian” is a man-made term coined from the past, the dead. What activates being a Christian is the love and faith that is in us.  Otherwise, “Christianity” is just a dead term.  I stand firm on that conviction.

Are You Holding Onto A Love Letter from Your Ex?

When you read a love letter someone has written to you, the only thing that is of value is what is current. An ex’s sweet written words are of no value to the person who no longer receives that affection. You would never reference those sweet words because the love is dead.

What is a Living Epistle?

A living epistle is one that walks in love.  I am going to quote the Bible, but mind you this quote is not what makes anything active nor is it of any value without it becoming active in my heart.  But I will quote it out of love, and because it is applicable in my writing a blog about being a living epistle; “You are our epistle written in our hearts, known and read by all men; clearly you are an epistle of Christ ministered by us, written not with ink but by the Spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone but on tablets of flesh, that is of the heart.”

What Does That Mean?

The tablets of stone are in regard to the ministry of death, the condemnation brought upon by Moses law such as the Ten Commandments. Condemnation brings death. This is something we know, guilt, shame, fear of having done something wrong. We know these things because we know inherently what pleases and displeases God. This knowledge is a mechanism that God put within us not to experience condemnation, but so that our hearts could be ready to accept His Spirit of goodness. And as believers being ministers of the new covenant, we become alive in our relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

So why is the activity of the heart much more glorious than this condemnation?

The answer is that, “the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life.” I’m here to tell you that if not a word of the Bible I quoted makes any sense then let my living life become that spiritual evidence. I don’t give scientific evidence to explain the spiritual any more than I would accept spirituality to explain science. Hebrews 4:12 says that the word of God is living and powerful while some would say that the Bible is a really old book that’s no longer relevant. And guess what; those people who call the Bible dead are right!  Without us being a living epistle, that is living by faith, accepting that God loves us and sees us holy without blame, as being no respecter of persons, the Bible is made irrelevant by our own doing. That, however, is not the case with those of faith. Anything I say that effectively changes your life is not because of my own knowledge, but because it is God who makes words come alive.

Final Thought:

If I could give any word of advice to those desiring to understand their spiritual journey, it would be to never let the wrong words get to you or stunt your growth. When you study truths, study them to the core.  A word means nothing if it is dead.

Fear, anxiety, negativity, anger, all the things you can come up with that are not good for your soul are all feelings representing DEATH.  If you find any word that comes out of anyone’s mouth, any word that is written down that makes you experience this, it is not alive, nor is it active, nor is it the word of God.  It is dead. This doesn’t mean that you should not turn away from your sins. This simply means that it is not the love of God.

And if it is not of love, it is not of God.

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